American Chamber of Commerce Offices

According to client’s wish, design concept meant to create a suggestive, friendly and comfortable but at the same time surprising and with impact space, new and dynamic, to reflect the rich activity of the American Chamber of Trade in Bucharest.

In order to achieve this atmosphere, we based our ideas on images, materials, lighting and color interactions, in order to obtain strong effects; that is why, elements like made-to-order wallpaper, mirrors effect, transparences and special accent of author furniture, took a major importance into the process of decoration.

The concept and monochromatic chromatics of the entire project turned around the idea of maintaining an animated and vibrating space, by events related to contemporary art. So, the generous space of the Council Hall, is permanently housing Romanian contemporary art exhibitions. In this way, the project is in constant evolution….the dream of any designer.

Project done in collaboration with Irina Solomon- interior decorator.

Photographs: Ionut Marius Plopeanu