Art Nouveau Inspiration

The concept of this project is inspired from a charming and original combination: the new and elegant, graceful and decorative style, based on natural shapes of flora and fauna , known as Art Nouveau (beginning of XX-th C), on one side and Arcimboldo ,the master of illusion and paradox ( XVI-th C), precursor of modernism, as he is called, on the other side.

These inspiration sources, very dear to the owners, generated an intensely personalized style, exuberant and daring.

So, Art Nouveau enters the house as thin stems drawn into the mosaic floor; they introduce you into the atmosphere, leading through bathrooms, kitchen and dining room , as if walls were inexistent.

The dining room, with wavy turquoise furniture, is housing the “ Arcimboldo Gallery ”, magnified by a huge mirror. On each side of the pier table placed in front of the mirror, there are two graceful egrets in bronze.

Through an archway, the dining room communicates with the living room, divided by a central fire place, into two intimate conversation areas: one, in shades of amber, with comfortable coaches, the other, in burgundy, with a library and secretaire . The walls are covered in silk and the windows either with curtains in rustling silk or with splendid stained-glass.

From the living room you arrive again into the central hall. Some translucent painted stems, climb the stairs ( inspiration Victor Horta). The iron gris- vert balustrade, in wavy lines and its mysterious shadows projected over the painting, has a very special effect.

At the first floor, a small hall is decorated for conversation and reading. The light filtered through the stained-glass windows create a fairy tale feeling.

Main bedroom is decorated in soft green and lilac shades, covered in precious wallpaper and silk curtains. Here, the bed, a true huge jewel is reigning. The bed head is inspired from an Art Nouveau brooch created by the famous jeweler Georges Fouquet and is made out of soft green painted iron, with stained-glass insertions.

Two night tables with glass in amethyst color and a small bench placed in front of the bed, follow the same style. The fire-place sculptured in stone, the two lamps with lilac pleated silk lampshades as well as the lightened stained-glass stripes in the ceiling, complete the intimate atmosphere of the bedroom.

Arcimboldo’s “ composed heads ”, true visual extravagancies show themselves here and there in the house, and the mirrors especially placed, reveal many details that make the great joy of this surprising interior.

Photographs : Augustina Iohan