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Behind the painted doors of Madeira

I often receive interesting pictures taken by my friend during her voyages. Recently, I’ve received these painted doors, which charmed me. It crossed my mind to open my blog with them. I believe that somewhere, there is a small bridge between their so diverse stories and the unknown stories of the interiors towards they could open to.

The story of the painted doors, from the narrow streets with old little houses of Santa Maria District of Madeira, most of them abandoned till recently, it is already known. The doors are now “opened” to the passers-by’ soles, who had maybe never entered an art exhibition…
But it would be nice to imagine the story behind these doors…from before…the story that would belong to this superb island too and to the people leaving in it.
My imagination goes long ago, when in Funchal bay of the island, the royal British yacht Osborne, cast anchor. It has on board, the beautiful , always melancholic, Sissi, the Empress of Austria. As known, Sissi did not like to remain too long in a place; “…every ship that is leaving makes me wish to be on its board… whichever the route is…” However , at Madeira she feels serene , and remains for a while. “She is charmed by the scented island… with mild climate…by the banana trees, by the tile roofs and the windows opened to the sky…On the white walls of the one floor houses, the bougainvillea and hydrangeas flowers overflow , and their perfume mix with that of the orange trees…The people are understanding and appreciate the Empress’ simpleness.” ( Jean des Cars). I can imagine the people of those times, living in the afforested paradise, into a landscape of “ luxuriant flowers, knotty liana climbing the light shades walls” with various birds, butterflies and parrots. The interiors of their houses could only be like their surroundings, aspirations, dreams and desires, full of calm, beauty, color, love…
I am looking at the painted doors in my photographs: each photo is like a “ship” that invites you aboard…they inspire beauty, love, life, color, daring, hopes…opening to dreams…reminding you that “no

one can dream your dreams but you”…and that in fact , nothing that is essential ever changes