The modern apartment situated on a quiet street in one of the most beautiful districts in Bucharest, is flooded with light. A combination of white walls with grey, red and black accents ( in the large living room), emphasizes this extraordinary quality of the apartment, in a design inspired by clients’ desires and urban life.

My clients wanted an open, airy, no complicated space, but personalized, for a warm and friendly atmosphere, by objects dear to them, either reminding of voyages, either simple caprices…

The accent wall painted in red, as well as the fake fire-place, vertically displayed, with niches painted in the red of the accent wall and in various shades and textures of grey, give a special character to the conversation area. The couch shade is held “ mute “, as if melted into the floor, just to give value to the carpet, the cushions and the painting, which colors are in perfect harmony with the accent wall and the fire-place. All these, plus the spectacular “Artichoke” lamp, make the conversation aria the focal point of the open living.

The bed room, in a palette of calm colors, from beiges to soft shades of lilac, is also flooded in light, but the rich silk curtains, give intimacy when needed.

The main bathroom is covered in choral color ( clients’ preference ) which brings life and optimism to this space. The huge mirror placed behind the oval washstand, magnifies the already generous space of the bathroom, which was created by cancelling some dividing walls. A big, precious surface in Carrara marble, as well as the dozens of perfume bottles displayed on small glass shelves especially created for this clients’ passion ( the perfume), make out of the bathroom a spectacular piece.

Photographs: Razvan Bestea