Designer profile


Mioara Stoenica is an interior designer in Bucharest.

Following studying fashion design in Paris, Mioara founded more than ten years ago, an exclusive fashion brand, Marie Sobriand. As the relationship between fashion and interiors is at the same time complex and inevitably, Mioara, attracted by the interior design world, has decided to become an interior designer.

Both fashion and interior design are deeply personal expressions, speaking about how we wish to show ourselves to the world, validating our existence and the potential of being different. The fashion designer Mioara Stoenica, has transferred her aesthetics dominated by an infallible eye for detail, towards the interior design where she covers a range of various styles in residential areas, offices etc,  for clients in Bucharest and  surroundings. Within  website, some examples of projects   (with their stories )  in different  styles, are presented.

Mioara is passionately interested in art, books and travelling as well as in her projects. She is happy to share her experience but also to listen to new ideas. Sometimes clients and suppliers suggest ideas which ingeniously interpreted, turn into real splendors.

She uses her natural talent and knowledge into all her projects, big or small, with the same professional devotion. Influenced by the European design and her experience, her style is elegant and inventive. Interiors created by her, stand out  by  the understanding of using color, light and texture as well as by some surprising combinations and the keen attention for detail.

Mioara’s approach is  simple : her main inspiration is her client. She knows that  clients’ houses interiors   should reflect  their personality and their concerns. “ The  house represents you better than a portrait “ says Madelaine Casteng , the famous decorator.

Frequently,  Mioara’s clients have not worked with an interior designer before , but her approach to create the decorating concept,  makes it easy for  the client to get  involved into what is to become a pleasant and attractive process. He (she) will benefit of various suggestions related to “art de vivre ”, what would bring in the end, a precious plus to the project and not only.

By “ art de vivre ” meaning the art of building up one’s life out of moments of incitement, meant to touch all senses, in which home has the function of sacred place for celebrating the joy of a beautiful living.