Many fears and misunderstandings are generated by the way interior designers charge; what are the services  they charge for ?

An important part of my policy is to offer a no-obligation first meeting which is completely free of charge. Within this meeting we analyze  client’s needs and goals and define  project. A lot of clients do not know what style to choose. My belief is that, it is the designer’s mission to discover your style and to translate it into the interior of your dreams. No matter if it’s about a minimalist, traditional or eclectic style, we shall work together to create the aspect and atmosphere you are looking for. It will be exciting and fun !

After this initial briefing meeting, a letter will detail the offered services and their cost. The interior design fee varies according to room sizes, partition type, decorating style, location accessibility and scope of works.

For maximum flexibility I have incorporated two stages in my fee structure. This allows you to determine precisely the level of involvement designer has in the project.
The interior design fee covers :

Stage I

a) Programming: information and documentation related to the project;
b) Conceptual Design: design concepts that are appropriate and describe the character, function and aesthetic of the project;
c) Design Development – final design recommendations include: space planning and furnishing arrangements – suggestions, ideas (prospects, photographs, albums etc ); technical statement: if the space is reorganized; color pallet suggestions; final colored drawings, plans, renderings, perspectives, details ( completed with samples if possible), photographs, etc; technical drawings for: wall, window, floor and ceiling treatments; lighting and circulation requirements.

In this break point ( end of Stage I ), once  design is approved, you may choose to implement the designs yourself. The design materials and drawings supplied will facilitate this. In order to help you finalize the project,  I can offer a list of suppliers selected in time: furniture producers or suppliers, textile and various finishings suppliers, curtains manufacturing etc and also artists specialized in different fields as mural art, stained-glass, metalwork, plaster etc . In plus I offer advise for final stage (Stage II ) if necessary: 50 euro/h; 125 euro/ ½ day (5 hours); 180 euro/day (9 am-18 pm with 1 h lunch break); prices do not include vat.

Stage II

Assisting client for:
a) Detailed study of color palette – “ Colors are not constant. They are subtle chameleons, borrowing character of forms, spaces and objects they occupy. “ says Tricia Guild, another famous decorator. That is why colors study, with their shades is extremely important and must be done with minuteness for a gratifying result;
b) Samples approval for colors, materials, etc;
c) Sources identification and selection for furniture and decorations, lighting, finishings, textiles etc; producers, showrooms and fairs will be visited for a detailed choosing of each object necessary to the project. It will be a fun but effortful enough periplus. We shall do it together or I shall make selections first and present them to you, according to your time and availability;
d) Furniture placing and finishing the decoration.

Other servicies

Co-ordination of specialist services

I organize and co-ordinate specialist services as: furniture-making, author furniture, specialist paint finishes, plaster, trompe l’oeil, sculpture, glass-work, painted tiles, mosaic, made to order wallpaper, stained-glass, acquisition of art and antiques etc;

Personal shopping abroad

I accompany clients abroad for various acquisitions related to the project. Cost of transport and accommodation will be in client’s charge. Terms and taxes charged for these situations will be discussed in advance.

Carte – Blanche

In case client has no time to involve himself (herself) into the project, there is the possibility of giving “ carte-blanche “ to  designer. Budget and dead line will be defined as well as client’s desires and style of the project. After this, designer will do the necessary to fulfill the project with all details.

Table decoration

believe that the art of living suppose a special environment created for the table. That is why decorating the table represents for me almost a hobby. I offer with pleasure advice for table decoration for different occasions. The offer will be personalized according to demand.

Details about offered services and payment will make the subject of a contract to be concluded between client and designer. Before starting working, client should pay 30% out of the value of the contract, ballance to be paid as agreed between parties.