The collaboration with Mioara Stoenica for decorating our house, what would have to become for us HOME, meant a (re)construction itinerary. Instead of bricks, we used memories, dreams, desires, the most intensely experienced moments, and turned them – almost magically – into colors, forms, textures, sounds. So, the house became the place that represents us and every corner tells a story known only by us. This is Mioara’s magic – to make you meet your life in your own home! Without cut and dried schemes, without rules and “must”, only with a suave sensibility to show you that objects speak about you and with you… – Carmen Rotaru

After a first collaboration with Mioara Stoenica, you realize that you want more from the space you are living or working in. You know that the objects that surround you, could create the so necessary wellness for any context. This is why I asked Mioara’s advice regarding the decoration for the office. The result is outstanding due to the efficiency and usefulness obtained for a small space but well structured. Mioara contradicts mathematics rules, extending space by light, shadows, shades and styles mixture in such a way that you can use 18 m2 for conference meetings, office work, an area for informal meetings at a coffee, in an atmosphere created with multinational impact. And everything into a harmony that inspires, relaxes, charms and makes you return – Carmen Rotaru

Before starting our colaboration with Mioara, on behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted our office to look like. My meeting with Mioara has been a great lesson, along which I learnt with every step, I grew up, so in the end I was left with the impression that I also had a say in the way our new office looks. Mioara gave me confidence, gave me space, guided me and came up with solutions which were a spatial expression of what I’ve been able to put in words. Our collaboration has been a real joy, and in the end, with every guest that visits our office and enjoys it, we remind ourselves to thank Mioara again for the welcoming warmth and articulated personality she materialized for our working space. – Anca Harasim

I had the joy and real surprise after my collaboration with Mioara — interior designer–, to benefit of the talent and creativity of Mioara — exterior designer. On some special occasions, she ’saved’ me, and she created wonderful attires which were very appreciated by those who admired me wearing them.Every time, Mioara knows how to listen and come up with proposals which materialize ideas, wishes or even dreams, that we, as earthlings, find it hard to put them in 3D. Mioara is an engineer of the space who, although discreetly, manages to make her mark and reveal beauty, even where the eyes need to be tricked ! – Anca Harasim

With respect and gratitude for your perseverance to transform a ,, Russian boot ,, into the ,, most delicate buttoned-boot – Cristina Marin

Mioara helped me a lot with my wedding outfit. We had a special theme – steampunk – and, although I was very enthusiastic about it, I did not know what I wanted. Mioara’ s advice was so useful to me, because she helped me catch the spirit of the theme, keeping also a classic and elegant note into our outfits. She proved lots of creativity and her experience in fashion helped us look the way we wanted and at the same time feel comfortable and natural for the big day – Manuela-Georgiana Plopeanu

Mioara gave us the confidence to go through with steampunk style for our wedding. To our crazy yet vague ideas in our imagination, she added vision. The practical and creative solutions she found had one goal: for us to feel good in our clothes. Due to her we knew that final result would be the one we had imagined. It was as if she took a trip in time, saw our wedding , came back and told us how we were going to look. And so it was , and even more…. we felt extraordinarily in our clothes. Thank you ! – Ionut Marius Plopeanu

Mioara helped me decorate my house in classic style and I loved so much the way we worked together, so I asked her to decorate my second house too. The way she studies, documents and justifies her suggestions, the way she puts her sole into the project, the way she succeeds to find the most spectacular solutions with reasonable budget, impressed me a lot. I was extremely happy to have the chance working with a professional who masters the sense of proportions, colors, materials, textures and textiles. – Monica Axinia

The magic moment was to come in two months’ time, and I had seen nothing to go for. I prayed to find a designer to help me with my dress, and I found Mioara, with whom I started a very special friendship. I needed two outfits and I wanted a retro style, but I did not know what to choose. Mioara came with the idea to see my husband’s suit, which had a simple and elegant cut; and from there her creativity and experience had a word to say. We went shopping together and choose the materials, the accessories and she took me to the dressmaker’s. I have to say that I strictly followed all her advice and in the end… there they were: two superb dresses, that made me feel like a real princess. One dress was in brown, cream and lilac shades and we choose lilac for the bouquet (the flower that symbolizes fidelity). The wedding dress in ivory and powder pink silk and the small tunic as medieval accent, fitted perfectly to the location of the event – St Georges Church from km 0 in Bucharest, known also as The Voivodal Church. – Karmina Cioata

When I need a very special outfit, I turn to Mioara and I never fail. Style, creativity, elegance, oneness, daring, chic, charm, characterize the outfits drawn by her with lots of talent. I remember The New Year’s Eve spent in Marocco, where I was asked about the designer that had signed my outfit…it was a splendid cream deux pieces that fits me marvelously and which is remarked every time I wear it! – Monica Axinia

For the party we had in London, to celebrate ( together with my colleagues), 30 years from company foundation, I desperately needed a special outfit for the occasion….As usually, panic: what do I wear? I have nothing appropriate… Mioara came with this solution: a simple, elegant black dress, fitted to the event, to my age and my body, and more….that does not go out of fashion! The discreet red shade turned collar, in same silk that is lining the small jacket, gives style to the outfit, exactly the way I like. I can say that I had never felt so good in my clothes. – Daniela Paula Ion